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Powerful POS System in lowest price

The FoodToGo is powered by Self Order POS system which used advanced technology to simplify your business operation. Tablet makes ordering extremely easy just like use the WeChat. Caller Id automatically retrieves customer address and last time order. Displaying all neighborhood addresses and starting Google map and GPS navigation system makes the delivery order extremely easy. Also, online order print out ticket directly from your kitchen printer and only needs ONE dollar a day, etc. Are Ready to Start Your Business? Visit our web site or Call Us for any questions.
Guarantee to save money for your business.

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Self-Order Tablet

The tablet installed with Self-Order App can be sitted in the table for customer to make order by theirself.
Self-Order Tablet functions like workstation to save cost and to avoid network issues.

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We send online order directly to your kitchen printer.

We don't send order in FAX, all you need is an internet connection, even a hotpot connection is OK and Only need ONE Dollar one day for unlimited order.
Self Order POS system is designed to receive your order seemless from our web site.

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Online/Offline Credit Card Processing

Self Order POS system enables you to do the card processing online/offline without any hassle and without any worries.
Guarantee lower rate processing fee.


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